Venison Steak

Scottish Wild Venison steak is my go to; it’s quick and easy to cook, but most importantly it tastes great if you follow a couple of steps.

Firstly, add oil to a pan and season the steak. After searing the steak on all sides until brown and caramelised, this will lock in all those gorgeous juices and flavours. Be careful not to overcook the venison, as it is low in fat and will become tough otherwise. What I do to finish off, is to put it in a warm oven (50C) for 10 minutes, this allows the meat to relax and ensure it’s heated all the way through, ready to eat.

Keeping all this in mind, you can’t go far wrong and should end up with a delicious and flavoursome piece of venison.


Step 1 Turn oven on 50-60C (with fan)
Step 2 Add oil and heat pan (medium/high)
Step 3 Season steaks with black pepper and salt
Step 4 Sear  on all sides 
Step 5  Put in oven for 10mins to rest